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Passeggiata, promenade Vigo Cavedine

St. Ulrich’s Church

St Ulrich’s Church is mentioned in a document kept in the Chancery at the town hall in Cavedine “… The year of Our Lord 1341 ninth proclamation, the first day of June...” when the Rector of Cavedine Don Pietro was acting as witness in deciding the boundaries of the mountain between Cavedine – Dro – Ceniga. 

For this reason, a two-foot high quadrangular boundary stone was placed in the Aba' field near to St Ulrich’s on which was written: "SIC SIGNIFICAT AD SAXUM RUBEAM" referring to the red rock, known locally as Cinghen Ros, whose location on the mountain near the Field used to mark the boundary of the mountains between Cavedine and Dro.

The actual architectural state of the church has been altered over the centuries. The pronaos annexed to the main façade was knocked down in the early 60s during work to build the present provincial road. In the apse, frescos by Simone Baschenis (c. 1547) can be admired which portray the Madonna and child – holding a goldfinch in his hand – in the centre; on the left, the image of St Ulrich beside St John. On the right, we find Saints Peter and Anthony the Abbot. A reproduction of a landscape can be glimpsed behind the Saints and the Madonna, a scene which presumably existed at the time. On the arch over the apse are (from centre southwards) the images of St Matthew and St Mark the Evangelists, and Saints Jerome and Augustine; on the other half of the arch are (from centre northwards) the faces of St John and St Luke the Evangelists and of Saints Gregory and Ambrose.

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